After working on a farmer’s market food delivery project utilizing cargo bikes in 2010,  I became convinced that cargo bikes had an untapped potential to radically change how people move themselves and their businesses around Vancouver. I wanted to support the growth of cargo biking in Vancouver, but didn’t want to resort to importing them from distant countries at high costs. I took to building a cargo bike for myself as a prototype and fell in love with the process and the result. Cargo bikes turn lots of heads on the street, people are very curious and ask lots of questions about the design and where I bought it from, and there is a pride I take in telling people I made it here in Vancouver. I love imagining new uses for cargo bikes that build upon their ability to create gathering places wherever they go. That’s why I started Curious Cargo Bikes, to make purpose-built cargo bikes that meet the needs of diverse users and inspire people to expand their idea of what bicycles are capable of today.


TIG-Welded Chromoly Steel Frame

Powder-Coated Paint Finish (choice of colour)


Curious Cargo Bikes can be built as a flat-bed or with a custom box.  Plug in any kind of container you want, whether it be for small passengers, cargo, vending, or advertising displays.

Electric assist can be added for hauling extra-heavy loads.


Frame/Fork kit*         $2,000 and up

Complete Bike**        $2,800 and up

*The frame and fork kit comes with the frame, fork, headsets, stem, and seat-post

**Complete Bikes come with 9-speed shimano components, option of v-brake or disc brake, and quality Schwalbe tires. Substitution components are available upon request.

For inquiries, contact  cargo.curious [at] gmail.com